Wondering When You’ll Get Your Braces Off

If you’re one of our orthodontic patients or considering starting your treatment at Scaffidi Orthodontics, you’re probably wondering when you’ll get your braces off. Every patient is different, so your best bet is to get a clear answer during a consultation with Dr.Scaffidi. During your appointment, he will assess your unique case to show you how long you can expect to wear your braces. In the meantime, the team at Scaffidi Orthodontics has compiled some of the most significant determining factors of your treatment length.

Your Starting Point

The number one factor that affects the length of your orthodontic treatment is the severity of your case. The more complex the case, the longer it will take to move teeth into their correct positions. This means that if you have severe crowding, spacing, overbites, or underbites, it may take longer for you to finish your treatment. Dr. Scaffidi will address your oral health concerns during your consultation.

Your Age Matters

While age may not matter for many things in life, it certainly plays a role in determining your braces treatment plan. As your bones and mouth are still developing, it will take less time to adjust your teeth than if you were already fully grown. This is because, as children, the bones and tissues in our mouths are still developing and malleable, whereas once we get older, they become more rigid and could take more time to shift into place.

Your Cooperation Level

Another factor determining how long you’ll wear braces is how closely you follow through with your orthodontic treatment plan. Following appointments and using the recommended orthodontic supplies, such as elastics and headgear, can speed up the process of transforming your smile.

Your Oral Habits & Hygiene

Staying on top of Dr. Scaffidi’s guidelines for treatment is one of the best ways to ensure a shorter braces journey. If you wear them as prescribed, avoid chewy and hard foods, and maintain oral hygiene, you can expect a more efficient treatment. Meanwhile, certain oral habits such as teeth grinding and jaw clenching can throw a fork in your treatment plan, as it can require adjustments.

Your Response to Treatment

At Scaffidi Orthodontics, we always tell our patients that their bodies play a huge factor in their orthodontic treatment. That is why Dr. Scaffidi treats every patient on a case-by-case basis, as the length of treatment varies based on your unique bone and tissue constitution. Some factors that determine this are jaw structure, gum tissue thickness, and bone density.

shiny-picture.flywheelsites.comWondering When You'll Get Your Braces OffBraces at Scaffidi Orthodontics are Definitely Worth the Wait!

At Scaffidi Orthodontics, we understand how important it is to know when you can expect to finally show off your pearly whites. With that new smile on the horizon, two years can feel like a lifetime—trust us, you’ll be surprised at how quickly time flies! To ensure you get your braces off as soon as possible, we provide our patients with an in-depth list of guidelines to follow to ensure a successful treatment.

Call our practice today if you have any questions about when you can expect to get your braces off. We’ll schedule you for a free consultation and provide you with a detailed look at your orthodontic plan. Let’s get started!