Orthodontic Products That Can Help During Treatment

Getting orthodontic treatment can change your life in some drastic ways. From changing your food and eating habits, to how to clean your teeth, there are many new skills, tips, and tricks to learn. Thankfully there are some helpful products that you can buy to make that process smoother!

At Scaffidi Orthodontics we are here to support you as you find the most livable approach to your treatment. You can rely on our team to help you solve problems, keep your teeth sparkling clean, and help you be more comfortable as you get a straighter, more beautiful smile. Take some time to learn what products might be helpful for you or your child

Why You Might Need Special Products

Whether you need special products or not will depend entirely upon what kind of treatment you use as well as your unique needs. We have drafted our list to focus on either Invisalign aligners or braces, as your approach will be very different depending on which treatment you use. Regardless of which type of braces or aligners you use, these tips should work for you! 

And just remember that no one else has quite the same body or physiology as anyone else, so it’s okay if you need more or different products than someone else. Use whichever products help your treatment go by as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Our goal is for you to have healthy, straight teeth, so whatever it takes to help get you there will work great for us!

Products for Clear Aligners

Cleaning Solutions

One of the beauties of using clear aligners as your orthodontic treatment is just how simple they are. They rarely require extra products or support as long as you are wearing them and cleaning them consistently. But speaking of cleaning them, there are a few tricks that can set you up for success. 

If you are wearing a retainer consistently over time, then you might notice it getting a little dirty no matter how well you clean it. This can be easily managed with a cleaning solution like Polident, or another retainer soak. After soaking your retainer, you can give it a good scrub with a toothbrush and rinse, and it should be back to sparkling and clear!

Products for Braces

Electric Toothbrush

A good old electric toothbrush can be a lifesaver when you are brushing your teeth with braces. Many people struggle to get their teeth as clean as they would like using a regular toothbrush, and instead prefer electrical toothbrushes with round heads that can easily rotate around brackets, wires, and behind teeth to give the thorough cleaning you need. Though they aren’t necessary for everyone, they certainly can make the job easier.


A mouthguard is essential for someone with braces who play contact sports. No matter how safe you feel, you never know when a stray ball might hit you in the face or someone slides into you, causing you to harm your mouth and teeth. There are a variety of mouthguards available at different styles and price points, so find one that works for you and be sure to wear it every time you are out playing your sport of choice!


Dental wax can be a real-life safer right at the beginning of your treatment when you are adjusting to the sensation of the new brackets on your teeth. Even after adjustments, it can sometimes be helpful to use wax to mitigate any small irritations you feel between the brackets and the sensitive inside of your lips and mouth. 

To use, pinch off a small piece of wax and roll it into a ball in your hand to warm it and soften it up. Then push that small ball of wax against the offending bracket and see how it soothes that area of your mouth. Be sure to remove it before eating or drinking, and replace the wax often. You can pick some up at our office anytime you need a refill!

Floss Threader or Water Flosser

Last but certainly not least, learning to floss while wearing braces can certainly be a challenge. Thankfully several products exist to help you, starting with a floss threader. This tiny and simple device works like a needle and thread, allowing you to guide floss underneath each bracket and then floss as usual. 

If you are still struggling to floss with braces or without, then consider a different method altogether–the water flosser. These small devices shoot a small but strong stream of water that you guide between each tooth to loosen up plaque and debris, prepping your teeth for a thorough brushing. Dr. Scaffidi says that when used properly and regularly, they can be just as effective as floss! 

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Regardless of what stage you are at in your orthodontic treatment, you can trust the team at Scaffidi Orthodontics with your smile! We are always here to offer advice, wisdom, and recommendations on which products might work best to solve your orthodontic challenges. And we offer a free first visit to potential patients who are curious about starting treatment! With three convenient locations in Slidell, Kenner, or New Orleans, we are sure we can find the perfect time and place for you to get started on the smile of your dreams! Call us today!